W2Power - Value Proposition

W2Power offers several advantages that in sum enable the platform to deliver stable and predictable electricity at a low life cycle cost.

Low life cycle cost.
The sum of initial investment, deployment, maintenance, and decommissioning costs is low compared to the output provided. The combination of two wind turbines and three arrays of wave pumps on a single structure ensure that W2Power can produce more power per mass than any other clean-tech solution. The helipad ensures a wide weather window for access to the structure, easing maintenance and making sure that no prolonged production halts occur. In sum, these advantages allows W2Power to deliver electricity at an estimated 0.049 €/kWh, far cheaper than offshore renewable alternatives today.

Stable and predictable energy production.
By combining wind and wave power systems, W2Power is capable of providing a significantly more stable energy production than wind or wave alone. Waves appear before wind and take longer to die out. Thus, W2Power can produce electricity when pure offshore wind concepts cannot. In addition, waves are easier to predict than wind. Future production will be predictable days in advance. This lowers the balancing costs for utility companies.

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